Beyond the Bridge

I’ve been back at Berkeley for about a month and a half now, and beyond recruitment, classes starting up, and catching up with friends old and new, I haven’t had a moment to just breathe. Last Friday, 3 of my best friends and I set apart our whole afternoon to escape the Berkeley bubble and explore a bit. We set out in Natalie’s bug with the initial plans of roaming the city, and somehow found ourselves dipping through art museums and venturing way beyond the bridge.

We started off at the Legion of Honor Fine Arts Museum where Nat picked up some coffee and we aimlessly wandered through hallways and rooms of frozen history. There were some really, really interesting pieces – but here’s just a few of my favorites.

While searching for food, we took a wrong turn and all of a sudden we were crossing the bridge. We decided to let Natalie guide us through her home of Marin county, showing us parts of Sausalito, Mill Valley, and my personal favorite, Tiburon.

We curbed our hunger by stopping at Sol Food, a Puerto Rican diner. Natalie talks about it all the time – and it was even better than she built it up to be! Mango iced tea, rice and beans, and a bistec sandwich.

 We proceeded to Tiburon to catch the sunset. The clouds were building that day, so we knew it was gonna be a good one.

good people, good day  


LA Lookbook: The Endless City


On a Monday Morning, Eliza and I took a drive. Headed up the 101 towards downtown Los Angeles. After meeting up with Torie, we headed into The Last Bookstore – LA’s oldest book shop. We escaped from the bright & bustling streets into this dark and eerie space lined with collections of books old & new. Upstairs, we discovered an art gallery, shops adorned with knick knacks, and a complex labyrinth of bookshelves weaving throughout the second story. One of my favorite parts was the criminal and horror section inside of a walk-in vault – just pray no one slams the door shut because once you’re in there’s no way out. Downstairs was also one of the raddest collections of records tucked away in a warm, homey corner of the store.






Next, we stopped for lunch in an unsuspecting maze of shops within a building. It reminded me a lot of Pike’s Place Market.   IMG_7012 IMG_7007


By 1pm we were boarding the Metro towards Chinatown. Another never-ending market was hidden within a seemingly small storefront. Despite mounds of trinkets and racks of clothing, my one purchase was a small package of smoke bombs for some future occasion.




The Metro then took us to Union Station & Olvera Street, famously known for its Latin American culture & feel. 

IMG_7027 IMG_7030






Finally, we headed into Hollywood where we came across a vintage thrift store adorned with Levi’s on Levi’s, and wandered aimlessly along the streets until settling for a tomato provolone grilled cheese and sweet potato fries and heading home.